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Characters of the Dungeons of Old

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Mysterious Commander

Separated from his legions and far from home, this enigmatic leader has turned his considerable talents to commanding bands of mercenaries. Little is known about from where he came or the armies he used to have under his command, but a deep sadness in his eyes speaks more than he ever does on the subject.

‘Though far from my legions, my words still carry weight.’


Grizzled Instructor

There’s very little this veteran fighter hasn’t seen or done, and boy will he let you know. Back in his day, there was no moanin’ or complainin’ and if you wanted a sword you’d have to beat it out of brass yourself. Apparently the kids these days have it too easy, and no one dare tell him him otherwise. His years swinging weapons and yelling insults have left him in the perfect position to whip your Dungeon Diving team into shape.

‘Look lively you sickly dogs, there’s fightin’ to be done!’


Highland Scout

Nothing escapes this talented soldier’s gaze. Born amidst the high mountains of the wild Galdaran Region, moving quickly and quietly through difficult terrain is second nature. Having risen through the ranks of her tribe’s military, she is used to issuing commands and inspired orders to cut off enemy attacks and exploit weaknesses.

‘Monstrosities ahead, monstrosities behind. We’ve got them right where we want them…’


Pit Fighter

Jolly, jovial and utterly merciless. This battle-scarred behemoth was never forced to fight, nor did he ever do so in anger, instead he simply found boundless joy in combat. He made a vast fortune in fighting pits the world over to great acclaim. Having spent barely any of the money he’s earned, and growing tired with the lack of challenges any human presents, he’s turned his hand to the opportunities afforded by the Monsters which inhabit the dungeons.

‘Leave this one to me! Leave them all to me!’


Wood Singer

No one knows where they came from, nor what makes up their unique look. The oft-rumoured elves are often linked to individuals who hail from the deep unknown of the Great Forests. They rarely seem to interact with the other mercenaries, preferring instead to be alone in nature. All the talking is done by their incredible proficiency with a bow and arrow. They never miss a critical shot.

‘Nature demands this cleansing, my arrows fly true.’


Lord of the Pan

Hot chow powers any good adventuring company, a concept this chef turned mercenary took to heart at an early age. Thrown out of the restaurants of the Capital for being too fractious, an entirely unsubtle in his culinary creations, the Lord of the Pan makes ends meet serving up equal doses of hearty meals and punishing beat downs.

There’s nothing a good banger won’t fix chaps!’


Eager Greenhorn

A quiet life is not for everyone, and certainly not for this young upstart. With little experience and an overabundance of courage, he’s out to make a name for himself in any way he can. From a quiet village filled with pious, quiet people, the Eager Greenhorn joined the Mercenaries to the utter dismay of Grizzled Instructors, but those with a keen eye can see his great potential.

‘So when do I get my own sword?!’


Apostate Mercenary

Fortune favours the bold, a trait which is not best appreciated at a monastery. Inducted to serve as a book keeper, this Mercenary instead found himself called to more rough and tumble life style. Unwilling and impatient, he left the faith rather than commit to years of study to serve the gods in combat. Instead he was drawn to a bow and arrow, and spent his years honing his aim.

‘Eye for an eye? Just don’t miss the first time’


Chicken Hat Berserker

Frantic eyes dart back and forth beneath truly baffling headwear. And don’t you dare even ask. This tireless warrior fights to prove himself to anyone who’ll watch, and with any kind of an audience he’ll fight not until he’s tired but instead until you’re tired of watching him. Without this motivation, it’s hard to get him moving. He doesn’t appear to speak any civilised tongue, and is constantly doused in blue and yellow paint which no one ever sees him apply.



Ancient Beard

Wisdom granted to this long-lived mage has enlightened him to truths of Beard Magic. He has learned the true power comes from the length of his beard, rather than it’s overall volume. This control is not easily learned and grants him the power to not only generate a great deal of magical energy but to greatly increase the resonance of any spells which are cast in his presence. Such power allows him to levitate, keeping his extremely long and well-keep chin warmer off the floor.

‘The power of the Aetherials flows through me.’


Luscious Warlock

Supplementing his beautiful enchanted beard, Warlocks make use of Dark Crystal Balls to increase to resonance of the magic granted from the all-powerful Aetherials. These Warlocks are the most numerous masters of the magic arts, hailing from a college set in the Fallen Tower. Compelled to good works by the Aetherial Council, Warlocks delve into the dungeons to control the monsters which are aroused by magical works on the surface.

‘Deep Magic from my Balls brings balance to world. Wait, why are you laughing?’


Braided Mage

Braided Mages supplement their magical beards with tiny fragments of Mana Gems. Weaved into their braids, these gems grant greater powers than the relatively short beard would otherwise allow for. While this practice isn’t sanctioned exactly, it’s not likely to be a case for punishment and shaving unless the gems themselves are absorbed during casting. Such items are also worn by mages as a fashion choice, even including non-magical stones and even glass. Often mages at this level in their training will embark out alone to discover Aetherial women and girls born to non-magical parents and offer them training and guidance with the council.

‘The blessings of the council upon you.’



Men who have been deemed to have a good morale character and have completed the requisite years of study become Beardlings, beginning the arduous process of blessings with enchanted oils from the Aetherials. Their short and fuzzy coverings can generate limited magical energy, but enough for them to contribute on a team of Beard Mages and to cast lower-level magics on their own. While studious and engaged, a single Beardling will not be able to generate much magic without needing a rest and a filling meal before returning to their tasks.

‘I.. I.. I know I left that spell book somewhere!’


Ascended Devotee

A true believer through and through, the Ascended Devotee has spent his entire life to date preparing for the ultimate show of faith. Anointed and prepared, the Devotee will fight in battle until such a time comes that he will be entirely consumed by the light to bring about the will of the gods in the form of powerful prayers. Nothing else in life matters to such an individual.

‘Step into the light and be thankful, faith will turn the tide!’


Battle Priest

Fierce warriors and knowledgeable adherents to their faith, Battle Priests channel divine will through their martial prowess. When not in combat, a Battle Priest will attend to regular duties such as missionary work and adjudicate on wrong doings in any community within which he is accepted. This piety is rewarded with swift and decisive action, though the gods work in mysterious ways.

‘Faith is my shield. The light is my sword!’


Divine Handmaiden

Divine Handmaidens serve as the healers of the Sun Worshippers, expertly trained in all medical matters. Beyond this, those who undergo training to become one gain spiritual insights which allow them to bless their compatriots and help them continue on in any given conflict for much longer than they otherwise would. Limited in their own combat abilities, these supporters instead serve best in compliment to the more martially-minded and can even absolve unbelievers with their powerful abilities.

‘Rest and give thanks, justice is on our side.’


Divine Smith

Working with blessed hammers and forges powered by the Sun itself, Divine Smiths can craft weapons and shields fit for the gods themselves. Powered by faith, these holy blacksmiths pound away at their craft in support of Battle Priests or fighters aligned with their cause to bring divine justice to their foes. When not on a campaign, skilled craftsmen create great works to supplement the income of the Church and create great artefacts imbued with the will of the gods.

‘Who needs war drums when my hammer beats out a RIGHTEOUS anthem!’


Divine Justicar

Arbiters of justice within the faith ensure its adherents pay the proper toll for the actions, good or ill. Divine Justicars allow the faithful to interact with and supplement allies whether they are believers or not. Acting also to ensure the faith receives its proper tithing, money and morality are the core concerns of those who enter such an order.

‘All things have a price to be paid, and it is always paid in full.


Lost Librarian

The libraries of the faith are ever expanding as the deeds and revelations of its members are meticulously documented. As time goes by, more and more librarians are recruited to manage the vast repositories, with those who came before solely consumed with their work on the sections they have tended for all their lives. Such work is taxing, and it is easy to become lost within the labyrinths of books

‘Yes, yes it’s just under this pile. I’m sure it is! Oh, Dear me…’


Unchained Martyr

Nearly unmatched in their faith, these precognative adherents see the future and guide the policy of the faith. Such power does not come without a cost, one paid for in pain and blood. These Martyrs can often be lulled into intense trances, which require them to be restrained for their own safety. This dark underbelly of the faith is hidden from the rest of the world, only exposed when one such individual breaks free to see that their visions are actualised.

‘It must be as I’ve seen it. It must.’


Wandering Lector

Lectors are the teachers of the faith, curating and extolling the vast knowledge amassed by the Sun Worshippers. Their primary role is to turn unbelievers to the light, but they too remain capable in a fight by using their knowledge to bring about blessings from the gods.

‘There is nothing the gods don’t see fit to bless us with, the greater good prevails in eternity.’


Blessed Water Bearer

Keepers of blessed water from the highest Cathedrals, Bearers are experts in the application of this enchanted substance to its greatest effect. From healing to encouraging great manifestations of the will of the gods, the waters they carry are incredibly sought after.

‘Gaze into the water, taste it on your lips, all UNBELIEF will melt away.’