Dungeons Of Old

Lore Compendium

Denizens of the Dark


Monsters of the Dungeons of Old


Baby Golem

These short rock creatures seek out flowers to decorate their stony heads. Created when Mana-corrupted waters flow over natural rock formations, Baby Golems will rarely attack unless provoked and are entirely impervious to magic damage both due to their magical nature and the hard stone that makes up their bodies.


Divine Golem

As a Baby Golem matures it gathers larger and larger rocks to grow in size. It’s natural affection for flowers leads it to spend many hours under the sun, which over time leads to it’s magical properties being expunged and replaced with divine energies. These huge holy sentinels are dedicated to protecting wildlife.



These magpie-like creatures are drawn to shiny things. Their primitive subterranean societies are organised solely by how many prized possessions any single Gobbo owns. Human adventurers look down on these creatures as pests, while ignoring the immediate irony of their own ambitions in the Dungeons of Old.


Adorned Troll

The most successful Gobbo scavengers get to eat the most. A mature and well-fed Gobbo will eventually grow in size to tower over a human, covered in their trinkets these once-pests are now hulking problems to deal with, spurred on to greater violence by the presence of fresh loot for them to guard.


Slime Snail

This sticky customers inhabit damp, cavernous sections of Dungeons. Despite their size, big enough to swallow a man whole, they pose little threat if an adventurer can use ranged attacks, magic or prayers to deal with them. Any attempt to use melee weapons will result in the sword, mace or axe being sucked into the monster.


Overgrown Slime

Slime Snail’s grow exponentially as they subsume men and material into their gelatinous bodies. The only limit is the size of the cavern they are in, and even then they’ll keep growing until they’re eventually popped or fill every available inch of space. An Overgrown Slime is often a welcome sight, as their bodies no doubt contain many riches for adventurers willing to wade through their remains.



While Zombie’s used to be a dime a dozen, quite literally in some Necrotowns, the days of Zimian, the Bone Singer have long past. His prolific work remains at large however, and his dark magic embues Zombies with the ability to reanimate. A lone Zombie is often a risen warrior, the skills of his old life unforgotten in death. Kill thoroughly before looting.


Zombie Horde

Unfocused, shambling, moronic. This Zombie Horde cannot be manipulated easily, and if unleashed from an abandoned Necrotown they’re everyone’s problem. These Zombies were created by accident, in the wider cataclysm that resulted from the death of Zimian, the Bone Singer.


Cerberus Slitherer

This three-headed snake is around the size of a dog, and each of it’s heads embodies a very different nature. The most dangerous is the dark scaled snake, which often kills the other two when shedding their collective skin to become three individual Basilisks.


Vile Basilisk

This giant snake has shed its last form to strike out on its own. A pure embodiment of evil, the Basilisk will hunt those who profess faith in the Sun Gods. In days gone by, one enormous Vile Basilisk took up residence in a city cathedral for over a decade before it could be defeated. The incident contributed to the banning of the Dungeon-diving profession.


Mana Husk

Once a blessed member of the all-female Aetherials, the only Humans who can naturally use magic, the Mana Husk is a twisted shell of what it once was. Gross experimentation turned her body into a Mana factory, but the process could not be controlled. Incredibly unstable, these monsters will explode forcefully if disturbed by magic use in it’s surroundings.


Mana wraith

Should a Mana Husk survive in the depths undisturbed, the twisted experiment reaches its conclusion. The Husk’s instability settles and is replaced by a burning desire for revenge. This spectre of a wronged Aetherial grows in power around magic, and it’s talons cause unimaginable pain and suffering to those unfortunate enough to feel its wrath.


Shaved Wanderer

Men who are granted enchanted beards by the Aetherials can have their magic taken away in an instant if they are shaved. Such a punishment is meted out for abusing their gifts. But one does not lose such power easily. Those who cannot accept their punishment turn to using Mana Crystals to cast magic, a process which exacts a toll on the users body.


Mana Addict

Mana Crystal users who continue to abuse their bodies to cast magics eventually become hopelessly addicted to the power. While they become increasingly powerful, their bodies become dependant on the Crystals. There is no way back from this stage, and eventually as the Crystal use breaks open their skin and pure mana leaks out, their fate is to become a mindless Mana Husk.


Mana-Starved Wolf

These magical wolves are a natural phenomenon from the far north. As pups they played and rolled around in great piles of ancient runes, their fur developing patterns reflecting the magic of those forgotten places. As the demand for magic grew in days gone by, these stores of ancient runes were plundered. Such wolves now rove south, seeking the magic they’ve been cut off from.


Ghostly Great Wolf

These vengeful revenants are manifestations of the wild north. As ancient sites were plundered in days gone by, these apperitions were known to follow and hunt expeditions all the way back to civilisation in the south. Not much is known about the rope they bare around their necks, nor what magic created them.


Cloud of Bats

Leathery wings bare sharp fangs to the veins of the inexperienced and the unprepared. One incomprehensibly large swarm was responsible for the Shade of Ravensbrook, a three-year long siege in which innumerable bats blocked out the sun and drained anyone who dared step outside of every last drop of their blood.


Vampire Drake

Where there are swarms of bats, there is a Vampire Drake. These towering beasts feed on blood and blood alone. It is said that one ancient Vampire Drake controls all the world’s bats, and should it be slain that they would drop from the sky the world over.